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Create the Perfect Office Ambiance

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When you enter your office, how do you feel? Are you immediately overcome with anxiety about how much work you have to do? Does the stress start to build up before you’ve even entered the door? If you can answer yes to either of these last two questions, it might be time for an office…

How to create a healthier work space

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If you spend the majority of your days in an office, you have likely experienced some of the pitfalls. You know, the backache you get midday or when your joints crack the moment you stand up? Although sitting may seem like a low-impact activity, leading a sedentary life has adverse effects on your body and…

2017 Trend: Fidget Spinners

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If you’ve left your house at all in 2017, you’ve likely seen a fidget spinner. Fidget spinners are all the rage along both children and adults. The term fidget spinner is a generic term that refers to the hand-held toys that usually have a wheel, 3 loops, and spin around a central point. The toy…